Starting at the beautiful Achilleion Palace, you can view the mansion and explore the lush green grounds. Moving on to Kanoni, you will enjoy beautiful views and the famous Mouse Island.


A visit to Corfu wouldn’t be complete without the opportunity of tasting our local extra virgin olive oil. Olive oil production is an inextricable part of the Greek culture. And Corfu is no exception, olive oil is not only one of the main products of Corfu, but also a product recognised worldwide for its top quality. Get the chance to get some insights into the production and the bottling process with an introduction from one of our local award winning producers, Neolea. You’ll have the opportunity to taste an award winning olive oil and discover all the secrets of true extra virgin olive oil.


After that we head to Corfu town, where you can enjoy the Venetian architecture, local cuisine and shops. 

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